Release date: January 1989
MPAA rating: PG-13
Running time: 82 minutes

Joe Bob Briggs rating:

Directed by Stanley Sheff
Written by Bob Greenberg & Stanley Sheff
Produced by Steven S. Greene and Eyal Rimmon
Executive Producers Nicole Seguin, Staffan Ahrenberg and Tom Eliasson
Director of Photography Gerry Lively
Music by Sasha Matson
Line Producer Gary M. Bettman
Special Visual Effects by Anthony Doublin
Edited by John Peterson and Stanley Sheff

(in alphabetical order)
William Ackerman as Gus/Mombo
Billy Barty as Mr. Throckmorton
Caroline Beil as the Astonished Girl
Jim Bentley as Rufus
Chris Best as the Guy in the T-Bird
Gary M. Bettman as the Gomer's Motel Clerk
Tony Curtis as Shelldrake
Stuart Dowling as Skipper Bruce
Karen Kelley Dugan as the Girl in the T-Bird
Ericha Evans as the Martian Maiden
Ava Fabian as The Queen of Mars
Deborah Foreman as Mary
Diana Frank as Vicki the Camper
Jan Gaye as Chef Mola
Tim Haldeman as Marvin
Anthony Hickox as John
Fred Holliday as Colonel Ankrum
Doreen Jackson as the Girl with the Baseball Bat
Dean Jacobson as Stevie Horowitz
M.G. Kelly as Big Dick Strange
Mindy Kennedy as Tammy
Todd Kutches as Sargeant Goldberg
Patrick MacNee as Professor Plocotomos
Dennis Moynahan as Lester the Camper
Gayl Murphy as Trixie
S.D. Nemeth as The Dreaded Lobster Man
Richard Penn as Sgt. Schwartz
Bobby Pickett as The King of Mars/Astrologer
Steve Peterson as the Butler
Phil Proctor as Lou
Deboragh Pryor as Chef Lola
Bill Ratner as the voice of Mombo
Jill Sharp as The Terrorized Girl
Dick Spangler as the TV Announcer
Stanley Sheff as the voices of Brainex and the Lobster Bat
Tommy Sledge as Himself
Bruce Tallerman as Nose-O the Clown
Richard Wright as the Martian Slave
Skip Young as Mr. Zip

Note: No lobsters were harmed during the production of this motion picture.